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We offer our very own in-house Spanish interpreter. Call us anytime to schedule:
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Pamela Montero Meskill

Spanish Interpreter

spanish interpreter
Pamela has been with the company since June 2016. She is our very own in-house Spanish Interpreter! 
She is also the one behind the scenes responsible for producing all of the transcripts, distributing E-trans to our clients, managing exhibits on our repository, and handling client’s inquiries regarding legal transcripts and billing. 
Pamela, fluent in both Spanish and English, studied at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), where she earned her law degree. Pamela has taken several Spanish interpreting depositions from Construction cases to car accidents, worker’s compensation, personal injury including over the phone client briefings. Pamela does it all! Call us today to schedule Pamela!

What our clients are saying:

"I felt that Ms. Meskill did a wonderful job in interpreting the testimony of our client in the case. She was very clear in her instructions to the client as well as in converting the testimony into English. The deposition went as smoothly as can be expected in the age of COVID. I would certainly use her again as an interpreter should the need arise."
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Erin Dean
"Pamela has been great in the various depositions and interviews we have needed her. She is very friendly and extremely professional."
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David Cobb
Turner Padget
"It was very helpful and getting the telephone conference complete with the language barrier difference. Pamela was a great help."
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Caitlin Goad
MGC Charleston

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