We are available for any of your virtual or in-person deposition needs! Call us today at 843-762-6294 or 608-250-5805!

Clark Bolen’s in-house videography and technical team offers the highest level of expertise in legal videography and video conferencing technical service.  

Our state of the art recording equipment and editing software guarantees perfection for your videotaped depositions, trial edits, and day in the life of recordings.

Our technical team also specializes in video conferencing tech support and training.  We offer on-the-spot technical support and file sharing to ensure your video conference depositions and meetings are streamed flawlessly.

A complimentary training session with one of our technical specialists will help you be sure that you are using your video conferencing software efficiently and effectively during your depositions.  

Our videographers can:

  • Video record depositions on any video conferencing platform
  • Edit and sync your video and transcript
  • Create day in the life of video presentations
  • Create custom trial edits
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